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Theory of Active Perception (TAPe)

TAPe application cases
What is the Theory
of Active Perception (TAPe)

TAPe is an acronym for the Theory of Active Perception. It's a breakthrough method of data processing patented by Comexp. TAPe allows computers and applications to «think» (analyze data, perceive meaningful patterns, and use them for making decisions) in a more human-like way than most of today’s neural networks («AI»).

With TAPe, you can build disruptive tech for just a fraction of the budget typically required for ML-based features, such as computer vision, native language processing, running high-load systems, handling big data, etc. You can use TAPe video recognition API and license TAPe to tackle any data processing bottlenecks and challenges your business is facing today.

Understand TAPe better

Understand TAPe better

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Although the TAPe method can be applied to all things digital, over the years Comexp team has been specifically focused on video recognition and analytics tools based on TAPe.

The expertise accumulated while delivering dozens of MVPs, concepts, and client-ordered solutions is now available for use in enterprises and research with the help of TAPe Video Engine API. Its basic functions are to grab, analyze terabytes of video content (stored online or locally), and find complete duplicates and/or similar fragments. To access TAPe Video Engine API, contact us.

Sample features powered by TAPe Video Engine API

Perform a video duplicate search in a locally stored archive or a TV stream by uploading a video sample. Instantly analyze target data pools and get the index of duplicates and fairly similar videos.
Besides the obvious (cleaning-up, copyright tracking, and content distribution monitoring), the essential TAPe Video Engine feature can be used to create new products because video duplicate search can be performed in real time (at the speed of 2,000 mins of video footage per minute).
Video duplicate search
Detect videos related to one and the same topic based on their similarities and automatically compile videos or playlists covering any given topic without self-repetition.
Automatic compilation of videos covering a certain topic
Can be used to quickly analyze and combine content from different streams or to cut longer footage to a target length more easily without losing important details.
Structure your video storage based on content similarity to get faster and fuller search results when searching by name, metadata, or other formal video properties.
Video archive organizer
Perform real-time TV stream monitoring and reporting on when and where your (or your competitor’s) original content or ad were run.
TV air monitoring


Founder, CEO, Head of Science
Researcher and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in IT. Raised hundreds of thousands dollars in grant funding for Comexp projects. Before founding Comexp, he ran a successful firm providing marketing, sales and IT consulting to nation-wide brands in telecom, auto manufacturing, food and beverage production, and other industries.
Sergey Kurinov
Leading engineer behind Comexp products and APIs for 5 years.

Mikhail Domrachev
Science Consulting
Founder of a media consulting agency. More than 20 years in content-marketing, 10 years in media consulting business, partner and co-investor of several projects. Works with the largest Russian IT brands, fintech startups, etc. Provides Comexp with full cycle communication services.

PhD in Computer Science and university professor, Vladimir has created the basics of TAPe and consults Comexp tech team, our clients and licensees on TAPe application to real world tech tasks.
Aleksey Upatov
Vladimir Utrobin
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