Project T-Bit
A project about a new information processing and managing method, which is thousands of times faster, cheaper and more efficient than traditional tech.
What's actually wrong with the concept of AI
It has nothing to do with thinking. And why perception is necessary, at least as a starting point to obtain more meaningful primary attributes describing reality.
Biology and artificial intelligence
Why biology as a science can't offer anything to help achieve a breakthrough in AI. Creating something really similar to how the brain works requires a fundamentally different approach.
Cognitive science: a beginning without an end
Even if we call the brain, figuratively, a "biological" computer with cells-connections inside, the question remains about what "computational" laws are at work there?
Holism and brain studies
Why we need to study the brain as a whole and with the help of building models of brain function through searching and explaining the manifestations of brain function
TAPe is a new way of processing information
We have developed the Theory of Active Perception, TAPe, that describes the innate mechanism of human perception, the laws governing the brain when it is processing information, and the mechanisms of thinking